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About Us

Forever Hope Counselling is a private practice that specializes in psychotherapy and providing assistance with employment and career guidance. The philosophy of Forever Hope is simple; it’s about always maintaining hope. Hope must be maintained in order to overcome any and all adversities or challenges. A definition of hope: "the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best". Without hope, there is no possibility of change. And without change, ones circumstances remain the same. Therefore, nurturing hope is a must!


Mission Statement


Forever Hope Counselling's mission is to engender a sense of hope in people who are suffering from various hardships with the intention of inspiring them to view their situation in a different and, more importantly, hopeful manner.




Forever Hope Counselling adheres to certain values that it feels are at the forefront of genuine caregiving. These values are self-determination, empowerment, being non-judgmental, and treating people with an unconditional positive regard. With these core values at the forefront of the way in which counselling is delivered, people will receive the assistance they are seeking.